Art in lockdown: poem „Me in My Bubble“

Me in My Bubble

I’m fine,
There is no reason why I shouldn’t be.

When cities close their gates,
When streets are dark and bare,
When rain petters on the states,
And fast pace ist everywhere;
I sit in my room,
The screen shines on me,
It shines through me,
Sees all my Thoughts,
Dark and bright,
Full of shadows,
And full of light,
I work and sit and I listen to the rain,
Drops on my window,
Sounds like pain.

When people’s mind is cold,
No one laughs on the road.
And highways are empty,
Time passes slowly.
And it’s only
Me, when I try to concentrate
Just on school.
Not on things, that spook in my mind,
Not on the reasons, why I’m awake,
And can’t sleep in the night.
Not on future,
Not on the world,
Not on my fears,
Not on girls.

And it’s only me.
Me in my room.
Me on my sheet.
Me in the garden.
Me in the street.
It’s me,
In my bubble.

Things getting weird and strange with time,
I feel different after all this time alone.
Not to say, that I’m isolated,
Or feel like I would be,
But spending Time just with me,
That’s harder, than I thought.

Not to say my problems are bigger than the moon,
Which always looks at me from the sky,
The sky, that’s like heaven,
And the moon which is the paradise.
I always think maybe I love her,
And then, she disappears.
Not to say, living is painful sometimes,
Living hurts because of thinking.
Not to say, I feel like I always think too much.
I don’t feel, like I’m living a crisis,
But I know, this world does.

And I’m fine,
There is no reason why I shouldn’t be.
Just feel lonely sometimes,
I’m just used to feel