Art in lockdown: poem „Think about…“


Think about…

I walk on this empty street in my city,
Which seems like it is falling asleep,
I don’t walk alone on the clouds of broken dreams,
There are thousands of other people with me. 

I think about how it would be,
Without the panic of the people,
Without this isolation,
Without this disease.
People would be happy, not full of sadness. 

I’m staring at the TV, hoping to hear “It’s over”,
The world would move slower and slower,
That divides me somewhere in my mind,
Should I be sad or happy?
I am kind. 

Maybe I am stupid but I want to scream,
It is a dream,
What if it doesn’t go away so fast?
Everything is like a bad show, with an even worse cast.  

Leonie Oeckei 10b